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Survive on Mars (2018) PC torrent

25.10.2017, 17:16
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System requirements:


Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7
CPU: dual core
Video card: integrated video Intel HD 4000 with 1 GB VRAM
Disk space: 10 GB

Survive on Mars – a survival simulator with first person view for Microsoft Windows. Survival in the harsh conditions of the red planet will be a challenge, but if you are strong enough you can handle it.Be careful in your actions because one wrong move can lead to your downfall. Your main enemy is the environment. Radiation, low temperature and not containing oxygen atmosphere will kill you in seconds. Danger and meteorites that can destroy your base and kill you. Every 30-50 minutes above the planet's surface flies another meteor which breaks up into many small parts.

The modular system allows you to create buildings to suit every taste.
- Create 3D parts, using a special printer and start to consolidate its new base. - BPE (wireless transmission power) allows to transfer energy with solar panels in a special store, and from there to the base.
- If you want to know what happens at night on the surface of the planet, you can make a wireless camera and set it on the roof of the building.
- You will also need a constant source of light. For these purposes, you can create a device that will provide you with light.
- The temperature of Mars is low enough, and therefore you'll need a heater on the base. Otherwise, you will die.
- Device to create oxygen will remove from the atmosphere carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Without this device you will have to use a limited supply of oxygen in your suit.

On the surface of Mars can be found abandoned Rovers, which can be dismantled for parts or to repair them to use for their own purposes. The missing details can be printed on 3D printers.

Your temporary home will become a space ship, which is necessary for survival (at least initially), but sooner or later you will have to move to your base.

Collect resources in several ways, but the easiest way is to use a drilling machine. All these resources can be melted to obtain the desired metals. Don't forget that to get the resources even of the stones


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