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16.02.2016, 01:59
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Pure boundless field and a minimum set of medieval instruments of labour — these are the two starting points for the creation of large cities that attract crowds of tourists ready to leave the mountain of gold. Allow me to introduce: Towncraft, urban sandbox. Use all sources and resources that you see around, to transform the empty piece of land into a thriving metropolis. However be aware: there are two more enthusiast that this neighborhood is clearly not to their liking. Probably clashes cannot be avoided. But the more interesting!

So, Towncraft download via torrent can any of us completely free, in order to be able to do different chores: chop wood, to fish, to construct buildings, build bridges, and to do so much more useful. The change of day and night, the developers took an important role. Do not even expect that some of your employees will want the night to stand behind the counter — they'll sleep. Well, in the morning the city will come alive again. If you suddenly get a moment between chores, be sure to take a look, how buildings are built, this is very interesting! By the way, the attractiveness of the gameplay and adds random level generation. That is, starting the game again, be sure that the terrain will be quite different.

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