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27.11.2017, 16:40
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit
Processor: Dual core CPU: 3 GHZ
Video card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 460
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 500 MB

Play against your rivals and build your transportation Empire.

Buses, trains, trucks, planes, ships
Create trucks, buses, ships, planes, trams, helicopters and airships to transport goods and passengers within the same city, and between several cities. Become a real transport tycoon the game Transport, download torrent for free.

Update your vehicle and replace them with improved versions. Manufacturers will offer you exclusive options technology, thanks to which you will be able to increase their profits. You can research new developments to improve the efficiency of their vehicles.

Intelligent computer opponents
Play with 20 computer opponents on a huge procedurally generated maps.
Throw a sabotage or enter into agreements with opponents, to avoid sabotage on their part. Collaborate with them to fulfill their task as quickly as possible or just buy firms that deliver most of the problems.

Rapidly developing cities
Help the cities develop, providing them with the necessary goods, products and luxuries. The larger the city, the more potential passengers lives in it, hence the demand for your services will continue to grow.

Different industries and types of goods
Transport 40 types of goods among several cities and representatives of the 39 industries. The less products lying in your warehouse, the higher the bonus to. Deliver tools and equipment to temporarily increase the rate of its own production.

Experience content created by other players
Deciding to download Transport torrent free in Russian, you can use the level editor and missions, and to download created by other players levels.


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