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Automata Empire (2017) PC torrent

02.03.2016, 11:32
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP SP2
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video card: DX9
Disk space: 70 MB

The game is similar to management minions, only in this case, completely devoid of any rudiments of mind. But implicitly obeying and that is their main advantage. For those who decide to download torrent Automata Empire ahead will wait for adventures in style – I, a ruthless invader and sweeping away everything in its path or I, a consummate tactician and a wise ruler, everything will be peaceful and quiet. And what actually to choose – which way to reach power through rivers of blood and murder or you quickly capture the enemy castle, it's up to users, and single-celled monsters-robots will perform everything they're told.

Game features:
- Unfortunately, intelligence assistants, so they can send to certain death and to sacrifice for the sake of new taverns on the road, and they can always saragih in the catapult, your expendable – minions, to dispose of as wished.
- Available modes for game 5, each for two or four people .
- Siegecraft, the mode in which your fortress will be surrounded by the maze and be engaged in a siege of the territories.
- Migration, in this mode, all fighting for one small, but livable piece of land, and last.
- Capture the Banner, steal the flag, which however it is not difficult, but will be able to get to themselves the million-dollar question.
- King of the Plateau, it is necessary to protect their land from the raids of the enemy army.
- And the main dynamic mode - WAAAAAR!!, where everything is dedicated to the battle.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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