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22.02.2016, 18:18
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Although Burden and refers to the strategic genre of Tower Defense, defend the game will not tower, a huge metal beasts, called here, for obvious reasons, the Giants (Colossi). They are the size of a skyscraper. These creatures are able to save a fantastic civilization of Morea (Mhoroa). However, the people do not understand, he considered the Giants a source of evil, therefore, spares no effort to destroy them. In the end, and its too...

If you go back to the starting point of the history, how it was possible to notice, the inhabitants of Morea not entirely rational. At one point they had exhausted the world. Engineers began to look for the source of salvation. They accidentally discovered Colossi. These creatures, robots, whatever, were developed a long time ago, so have already become mythical. However, they alone can correct the situation, but until then people are able to destroy them... the Story depends on the player!

By the way, the Burden can be translated as "burden". Yes, civilization Morea considers the Giants a burden (something similar happened with Gulliver). However, this error can lead to fatal outcome. The military learned that the giants have their weaknesses, so do targeted attacks. The player will have to protect the most important sites, and a few at the same time. The enemies even use aviation — airships. War knows no boundaries, battles are even volcanoes. Yes, it won't be easy, but it will be very interesting!

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