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Fractured Space (2017) PC torrent

15.02.2016, 00:25
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You, of course, familiar with such hit game about space like Wing Commander, Elite. The young company Edge Case Games they are also very familiar. And she decided to create something similar — Fractured Space. The project is dedicated to large-scale battles on huge ships. To play on the PvP scheme, the success depends on the individual, so the novelty is not for individuals, but for those who know how to interact and with interesting tactical and strategic methods to gain the upper hand. The ships are divided into classes, each model can be improved.

The game is in early access since the end of November 2014. In early, because the creators want a few months to pay for the improvements. They made changes in December, in January. The process goes! And the main dough in the process — the opinion of the gaming community. The Studio Edge Case Games wants her informed about all the mistakes and shared their wishes. Then, the developers are confident, will turn out something really cool! And now interest in the project is wide and Fractured Space download with torrent definitely need all. By the way, to spread in the future, it will be pleasant to the scheme free-to-play.

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