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26.11.2019, 22:05
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HUMANKIND-global turn-based strategy from the Studio "Amplitude Studios", previously created the game of this genre in the space ("Endless Space") and fantasy ("Endless Legend") setting. This time, the famous developers decided to take up the study of various historical eras, ranging from the early bronze age to the modern 21st century.

In HUMANKIND presents a wide variety of civilizations, among which there are both traditional Egyptians, Romans and Japanese, and rarely appeared in computer games culture, such as the Vikings and the Khmer. Naturally, each nation has its own game features and scenarios. One of them is strong in trade and diplomacy, and the other in the art of war and urban planning.

To maximize the replayability of the project, the developers have added the possibility of a global rewrite of human history. In total, the player has about 60 options for combining cultures, and regardless of the time interval separating them.
This feature of HUMANKIND greatly expands the tools of the player, because now he is not limited to only one diplomatic choice between war and peace. Combining different cultures and unique features of peoples, you can create an infinite number of game scenarios for the development of human history.

The main goal of the player was to get a high level of fame. It will be made up of every great act or scientific discovery, a successful choice or victory. It will also be enhanced by participation in famous historical events, the construction of cities, the degree of development of science and the possibility of applying discoveries in practice.
Wars in HUMANKIND will not be a determining factor, but the player will be available a huge Arsenal for their conduct. One of the attractive features of the game was the ability to summon allies and arrange epic battles or real world wars with as many as eight players.

HUMANKIND release date is scheduled for 2020!

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