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Kingdom Under Fire 2 (2017) PC torrent

16.02.2018, 22:44
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
Video Card: GeForce 8800
Memory: 3GB
Disk space: 10Gb
DirectX: 9
The presence of Internet connection

Kingdom Under Fire 2-an interesting game product that recently came to the entertainment market for personal computers. This multiplayer development is famous for the fact that it cleverly combines genres such as role-playing game and strategy, involving the management of troops and other creatures to achieve a personal goal. As one would guess, the main focus in game is made for massive battles and captures of castles. And if you like this qualification, we offer you to download Kingdom Under Fire 2 via torrent for free, to lead a new military army and go to conquer the earth.

The main classes of characters and character creation
At the moment, in the vast game adventure to choose from three classes: shooter warrior mage and Berserker. Each of these heroes has its own unique features and preferences in armament. For example, warrior-mage as skilled in fighting skills and magic spells. And Berserker is a demonic creature with huge arms and an unprecedented force. As for arrow, it's the elf with precision and agility. Choose can be any class, as and his being veiled. The game has a full set of tools to customize the appearance of the hero, without any restrictions.

The mass combat system
Given that you have to actively fight with hordes of enemy, try to prepare for the fact that the screen will be full of mass action. In addition to you and other main characters, dozens of your and enemy units will participate in a massive clash, each of which will have a personal model of behavior and battle. The main thing is to have time to respond to the variability of the battlefield, clearly regulate the capabilities of your troops and try to use tactical tricks.

Pleasant technical side
In addition to the fact that the game has a high-quality combat system with a large number of characters and entire armies of NPC, the game also has a nice modern graphics, which creates an atmosphere of presence in the fantasy world. High-quality animation, detailed character models and detailed environment, all this together gives a high-quality picture and nice graphic design.

Torrent download game Kingdom Under Fire 2 is all you need as it is an indicator of how you can create an original gaming entertainment, based on a standard template. After all, without a combat system with siege castles, the game has the usual set peculiar to MMO, but at the same time, a slight bias in a different genre and attention to detail, make Kingdom Under Fire 2 a truly original entertainment.


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