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06.03.2016, 19:39
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The storyline of the game Servo is very interesting, although predictable. The creation of a unique, very important and valuable substance bloom is brought to humanity nothing but loss, since instead of the expected advantages resulted in the flooding of the Earth monsters. That had to be the human race in a matter of urgency to escape from their native planet, which is purple-pink creatures were happy. But it took many, many years, and the Land again became available for life, not everyone is ready for the way back, and presuming it is only the mercenaries, in the pursuit of value, which has a bloom.

Mechanical Servo-drones, which use to participate in hostilities, have very good characteristics – equipping them with all sorts of different modules, you can get in the end a very useful combat unit, it is advantageous manifesting himself in battle. Each unit has several available slots for modules, but the improvements themselves a lot more so you can create your own unique army in which every soldier does his part. Things to improve are produced in these battles – it doesn't matter what mode was selected – story, co-op or multiplayer, according to the results you will receive modules to upgrade drones. I hope that the game will be released in 2015 and you can safely download the game via torrent Servo at any time.

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