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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1700 MHz CPU
Video card: GeForce 210 or similar
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 1 GB

Sin Slayers is an RPG in a dark fantasy setting with bagel elements, in which the decisions of the characters affect the complexity of the battles and the strength of the enemy.

You have to create, equip and lead a team of heroes with their abilities and weaknesses that will determine the strategy of battles. The path will lie through the stinking dense forests, cemeteries with crypts and graves of fallen soldiers and other places that terrify the most courageous.

Battles and traps are not the only thing that will Deplete the strength of heroes. Do not despair, as your team will be able to restore their strength between battles at the Fountain, and between campaigns - in the Old Church.

Explore the Valley, acquire weapons in battles and tasks, collect ingredients for potions and elements to create armor and amulets. If you can not create items yourself, the Blacksmith in the Old Church will always help you. Only with cool equipment you can easily defeat the sinister monsters.

Feature of game:
  • Souls many heroes were damned after death. They were in a dark and unknown world, waiting for sinners on the other side of life. It seemed like the end of the road, but...
  • Assemble your war party. Pick up weapons, armor and amulets for the heroes. Pump useful skills. And hit the road: The lords of Sin must be defeated!
  • Classic combat system. Turn-based battles. The best of JRPG traditions. What else do you need to demonstrate your skills in the confrontation with the inhabitants of the Valley of the Fallen Sinners?
  • "And there are plenty of enemies." So it's time to prepare the unique skills of their heroes - and prepare for a difficult choice in emergency situations.
  • Every decision matters. Everyone plays a role. On the way to another Lord Sin their will have to accept enough often.
  • And depending on those decisions increases or decreases an indicator of the sinfulness of the group. The higher it is, the stronger the enemies, the more you have, the meaner they are. Are you really sure desecrating graves for loot is worth it?
  • Adventures should be interesting, and therefore unique. Any trip to the next Lord of Sin will be different from the previous ones - because all locations are created from scratch every time. You thought you knew all about the fetid swamps? You've never been there.
  • "The legends say that somewhere between the worlds, beyond time, beyond space, there is a place called the Valley of the Fallen Sinners.
  • "Under the gloom of thick fog, under the shadow of dense forests and under the stench of sinister breath there are hidden dark secrets. Hordes of evil creatures prowling in search of prey; warriors cursed for their sins while still alive; wights, monsters and chthonic horrors, bearing their terrible watch. They are new souls in order to nourish their strength and continue unnatural existence.
  • This is a place for notorious scoundrels. For those who have been led to death by their own sins and whose souls are permeated with darkness. Once all they lived in thousands of various worlds, were brave heroes, listened to the legend about their feats, which composed minstrels... But one day darkness crept into their hearts-and killed all.
  • Now heroes are full of remorse. But their souls will not find peace, forever tormented and wandering the Valley in search of peace. And so it will be until someone brave will not unite all, will not go on a campaign and will not break seven seals from a Portal of the Worlds. The gates will open and the heroes will leave their prison...
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