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06.03.2016, 13:56
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7/Windows 8 x64
Processor: Intel Pentium 1.3 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video card Nvidia GeForce 2 with 32 MB of video memory, supporting Direct 9.0 c
Sound card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0 c
Hard disk: 5 GB

In 2006, EA released the second part of the strategy, sending in a world that is carefully created an English philologist and writer J. R. R. Tolkien. If the first game was devoted to the history outlined in the blockbuster Peter Jackson, then the second part came away from the movie towards the books. Critics gave it high evaluation detailed approach to recreating the universe. Yes, it's almost a virtual legendarium Tolkien. However, curious and without derogation has not done.

In this part, as in the previous, there is a Good campaign and Evil campaign.
First hero — elf named Glorfindel, who strives with his friends to defend Rivendell. Global task — to destroy the army of Sauron, middle-earth to reclaim the world. Evil strives to overcome good forces in the Northern part of this world, for which he is required to collect hordes of wild goblins. However, help to carry out violent plans, and much stronger creatures, such as spiders and dragons. Generally, it is possible to download the Lord of the rings Battle for middle earth 2 torrent need all, the game opens tons of new opportunities. Plus the graphics have become even more spectacular.

The gameplay largely remained the same.
Among the innovations stands out the absence of restrictions on the number of buildings that may be erected on a particular area of the map. This is a small but important feature, because it opens new tactical possibilities. Screen Heads-Up here is named after the palantir stones. And it very accurately reflects the essence, because it's about the stones, showing the events. This display shows the skills of the characters, reminiscent of the problems, shows the mini-map.

Important changes have affected the fractions.
Added three new is elves, dwarves and goblins. In addition, in the first part of warriors of Rohan and Gondor were separate fraction, they are now grouped. There are also the armies of Mordor, Isengard. So, now there are six factions instead of four. And another is to isolate the sound. The adjective "stunning" is perfect. The sound is really surround, it's filled with effects, plus the story itself is told very colorfully. Because of this, and more, the game received an average score of 84 out of 100, she was presented with an award from the editors of IGN and many other prizes.

Some features:
- New factions — new opportunities! Manage elite cavalery of Rohan, elven archers, ents, dragons, trolls, spiders...
- Take a look at the history of the good side in another way- through the eyes of an elf Glorfindel protecting Rivendell.
- Card awesome exactly draws middle-earth. Each location is detailed, there is a feeling that you get in the movie!
- The gameplay has become even more sophisticated. Now open the possibility to build any number of buildings (if resources allow) to win!
- Graphics causes a storm of positive emotions. This is one reason why you need the game the Lord of the rings Battle for middle earth 2 torrent download, as the game became a huge hit, both on PC and Xbox 360.

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