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16.02.2016, 07:18
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the successor of legendary Master of Magic, will be available on PS4. The release will take place in the 3rd quarter of this year. In the role of a publisher is the company Teyon. This is an extremely important event, as it is about the release of these games on this console. Secondly, on March 19, all gamers who prefer PC will be able to enjoy the final version of Worlds of Magic.

The strategy is based on the technology of generating terrain, it belongs to a rather rare sub-genre of 4X. This means that you will need to study unique in the world (1), extend (2) to get resources (3) against the enemies (4). The process promises to be supersnooper through eight races, ten variants of terrain, dozens of three resources, four dozens of heroes, hundreds of units... in General, diversity is the defining word for Worlds of Magic and download this game using torrent definitely need.

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